So who are DATAllegro's actual current customers?

Now that some of the dust has settled about the Microsoft purchase of DATAllegro, one question remains: Who are DATAllegro's actual current customers? DATAllegro has always been very secretive on the subject of its customer base, raising widespread suspicion that said customers are few in number, unhappy, or both. If you are or know of any DATAllegro customers, please speak up in the comment thread, or by contacting me directly (either through Network World or my own contact options). Meanwhile, here's what I know or have heard:

  • TEOCO is a huge, happy DATAllegro customer. This is almost entirely due to price. However, prior to the Microsoft deal, TEOCO had come to like Netezza almost as well as DATAllegro. Now that DATAllegro development is being frozen pending a port to the Microsoft stack, and future pricing is unknown, I predict TEOCO will wind up doing a lot of business with Netezza.
  • Last fall, at the Netezza user conference, a drunken member of Netezza's user council told me in reluctant confidence of his dissatisfaction with DATAllegro, especially Version 2.
  • One of DATAllegro's competitors was gleefully bandying the name of a Very Large Retailer who seemed to be dissatisfied with DATAllegro.
  • DATAllegro's hardware suppliers had less in the way of formal partnerships with DATAllegro or internal deployments of DATAllegro than one might have thought from DATAllegro's PR.
  • In a comment thread on my blog DBMS2, DATAllegro CEO Stuart Frost wrote:

... we actually only had one system returned since the company started. Like most startups, we went through a period where the product suffered from some early stage growing pains. This was mostly due to HW reliability when we were building our own servers. We fixed that by going to standard servers and storage, which gave our engineers more time to focus on software improvements and overall quality. Most of our customers stuck with us and are now having great success on the v3 platform.

... the fact is that DATAllegro has some of the largest, most successful DW installations in the world running on its technology ...

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