Greetings from...(not Black Hat)...NI Week 2008!

While heading to Vegas for the mother of all hackercons, the back-to-back Black Hat USA 2008/Defcon 16 conferences,I had some technical difficulties with my travel arrangements. I managed to take a wrong turn somewhere and I now find myself in Austin, TX. However, all is not lost.

Not only did I get to chat with some pro-gamers coming from QuakeCon 2008, in the Dallas Airport, but I have found my way to one of the premier venues for the latest and greatest for all that is technology-- NI Week 2008.

Having just finished listening to the keynote speakers, including CEO and founder James Truchard, I was provided with an overview of one very impressive organization. National Instruments (NI) appears to be one of the industry leaders in the development of computer-based engineering development, data acquisition, systems engineering design, networked measurement analysis, robotics design, testing automation products, and few hundred other things.

With a couple thousand software and hardware engineers in attendance, I'm not sure how much street cred my network security/hacker background will hold, but I'll soon find out. There are some demos and presentations on the latest in wireless communication measurement, so I may inquire about its use for packet capturing or use as a network sniffer.

I'm heading to some talksnow , but will try to blog back latter with some highlights and/or low-lights.

Don't worry, I didn't bring my TV-B-GONE.

I busy right now, so don't email me at:

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