Server 2008 Hyper-V: Mouse Integration

Now to the mouse integration issue I raised last time. I set up a VM running Server 2008. The host OS is (obviously) Server 2008. I installed the Integration Services, which according to the help system (which by the way is one of the least complete and least useful help files I have ever seen for a high-profile product) is supposed to enable mouse integration. What gives?

One blog suggested that with a Server 2008 guest, you need to install the Hyper-V upgrade (KB 950050) on the guest OS, not just the host. I guess the Integration Services work for all supported guest operating systems EXCEPT Server 2008! Ironic, huh? OK, no big deal, I'll just create a new VHD in Hyper-V Manager, put the KB950050 download on it via a quickie mount command (insert your own off-color joke here), and install it on my VM from the new VHD.

Except there IS no "quickie mount command" in Hyper-V, at least not that I could find. Virtual Server 2005 had something called VHDMOUNT that you could use to mount a VHD on the host operating system. Microsoft seems to have left that tool out of the Hyper-V toolkit. (Yet another capability that Hyper-V doesn't have but earlier products had.) I'm on the road and I don't have Virtual Server 2005 installed on this machine... so I guess it's time to set up a network share on the host, copy the KB to it, load the VM, copy the KB files to the VM, and run the Hyper-V update on the guest OS.

Except... the network adapter doesn't work. Apparently IT needs the Hyper-V update also! (The steam is starting to come out of my ears at this point.) More research tells me that what I must do is install the "Legacy Network Adapter" via the VM's Settings dialog box, in order to get a working NIC, so that I can connect to a share on the host, to get the Hyper-V update, that will (maybe) do what the Integration Services was *supposed* to do, except for the fact that Integration Services works with several guest operating systems but not Microsoft's flagship operating system. Once that's done, I can dispense with the Legacy Network Adapter and configure my VM with the proper, new-style network adapter.

Some days I wonder how this company ever put so much money in the bank. Apparently Microsoft thinks that it's perfectly reasonable to make us jump through these kinds of hoops just to get a virtual machine working with Hyper-V. As for me, it's late and I'm going to bed. I don't need mouse integration this badly. I'm starting to think that I may not even need Hyper-V, if it's going to cause me this much pain.

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