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The big news today for Microsoft's enterprise customers is that the much delayed SQL Server 2008 has finally arrived. Microsoft Backoffice blogger Ross Mistry says that the English version is available via download to anyone who has an MSDN subscription. The release of SQL Server 2008 includes a myriad of new features such as Policy Based Management, Resource Governor, spatial data support, reworked Reporting Services and much more... Here are some SQL Server resources to help you prepare for this major release:

The Microsoft Backoffice blog, written by SQL Server Author Expert Ross Mistry. Mistry's next SQL Server book, SQL Server 2008 Management and Administration, will be available in the fall, with preview chapters and a 15-copy giveaway available to Microsoft Subnet readers. (Visit Microsoft Subnet for details on our monthly book giveaway.)

Brian Egler's SQL Server Strategies blog offers tips and advice. Egler can answer your SQL Server 2008 questions.

Excerpt from Ross' previous book on SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration

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