The Mojave Experiment: Good marketing or just a mirage

You may have heard by now about Microsoft's Mojave experiment. In a marketing campaign designed to show users that you cannot always believe the negative press you read. Microsoft invited 120 XP users to experience their newest Operating System codenamed Mojave . After showing off some of the great new features and getting some favorable reactions. They then told them they were actually previewing Windows Vista. Of course, many of the former skeptics were surprised by the fact that the OS they just enjoyed so much was Windows Vista. There you go point proven; you can't judge a book by its cover. Putting people on the spot and making them feel small is a great way to turn around the public's perception of Windows Vista… NOT!!! I have been a Vista user since the early Beta version in 2005. I have defended this OS to the hills and I think it is a great OS. However, this was not the way to show that Vista does not deserve the bad reputation it has received. If anything, I think it only solidifies the criticism Microsoft has received thus far. We need to get users to embrace Vista and let go of Windows XP. We also want them to make that change before 2010 (when Windows 7 is scheduled to arrive). Trickery and deception are not good marketing practices. They are…well trickery and deception. Look I know that Vista is being unfairly slammed in all sectors and I stand by Microsoft wanting to stand up and defend it, this was just the wrong way to do that. A feature on Network Worlds sister site InfoWorld, reported recently about the tide changing for Vista. The number of Vista users is growing. Partly because of hardware is catching up and partly because after a year plus, as usual Microsoft has worked out some of the bugs in the OS. That is how you change the public's view by fixing the issues not by fixing a marketing campaign. Hopefully when the dust settles on the Mojave experiment it will turn out I was incensed over nothing. What I really hope is that Microsoft sticks to good marketing and leave the mirages to the desert. What do you think of The Mojave Experiment, Vista or Microsoft in general, let me know. Recent Posts Windows Vista Snipping Tool: Great tool that is greatly underestimated Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder: Tips & Tricks A Better Windows World: On the Radio

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