Microsoft invites blogging intern to lunch and a site visit

It appears that Microsoft listens - even to the little guy who describes himself as an intern. A blogger

named Ben writing in the Save the Intern blog describes how a couple of guys from Microsoft got in touch with him and invited him and his buddy out to lunch and to visit Microsoft's Irvine, Calif. facility. Apparently, the Microsoft guys, Edwin and Sam, reached out after seeing Ben's posts about some tech troubles he was having at work. As well as the lunch and facility visit invite, Edwin and Sam passed along some "helpful solutions," writes Ben.

Ben writes:

We’re going to go over there at around noon next Thursday. Initially wanted to do it on Friday but I guess Sam surfs and reserves Fridays for sessions at Salt Creek in Dana Point. He said that if we wanted to we could join him which I thought was really nice of him to offer.

Thomas Hawk at the Digital Connection blog applauds Microsoft for reaching out to bloggers in this way - even if it is a PR stunt. Hawk writes:

I look at a lot of the other technology companies that I'm familiar with. Apple, Google, Yahoo!, and rarely do I see this same level of interaction with bloggers. How many Apple employees do you know who blog? I personally can't think of a single one right now. I'm sure that they are out there, but a company like Apple seems far less visible.

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