CCIE water cooler gossip: Braindumps offering Cisco exam VUE voucher discounts

An experienced CCIE provided the following gossip to yours truly: "Brad," "The Braindump’s are offering vouchers for your testing!"

The above CCIE was shocked to receive the following email message from a known Braindump: Subject: Ordering Cisco exams to get VUE voucher 20%! Braindump Cisco Exam VUE Voucher
Dear Sir, There is a good news for Cisco candidates, everyone who will register for Cisco exams on VUE before 30-10-2008 can ask for the voucher from our website This voucher will help you save 20% register fees. You can request this voucher after your ordering and paying our products. The quantity of these vouchers are limited, so if you need, speed please!

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Yours truly brought this Cisco exam VUE voucher offer from a known Braindump to the attention of both Cisco and Pearson VUE. Official Cisco response from Erik Ullanderson - Learning@Cisco Manager of Global Certifications: "Braindump sites are no substitute for actually learning the skills." "Pearson VUE and Cisco are investigating the matter to determine the scope of the violation and will take appropriate action when our investigation is concluded." "We reserve the right to cancel the test scores of any candidates who registered for their exams using fraudulently obtained vouchers." --------------------------------------- View more CCIE water cooler gossip.

Have YOU too received Cisco exam VUE voucher offers from Braindumps?

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