CCIE water cooler gossip: 9 year worldwide CCIE count by region and country

9 Year Worldwide CCIE Count by Region and Country: View full-scale

9 Year Worldwide CCIE Count by Region and Country: View full-scale

Fred Weiller
Regarding the inclusion in the worldwide count of individuals whose CCIE number is in "suspended status," Fred Weiller - Director of Marketing for Learning@Cisco, provided Cisco's official response: "Currently 'suspended' CCIE's are included in the published worldwide statistics."

"As these candidates are eligible to recertify, we believe that we should continue to count them as part of our global community of expert networking professionals."

A senior CCIE provided yours truly with the above nine year worldwide CCIE count along with the following message: "Brad," "I have been thinking." "The numbers by themselves speak volumes." "You only want to do businesses where there is a growing large number of CCIEs." "Countries with low CCIE numbers are where you don’t have an infrastructure." "The US is dropping simply because the rest of the world is attempting to get up to speed." "What I do find interesting is this:" "The CCIE Program is an individual program, a company might sponsor you, but it is up to the individual to attain the CCIE certification, no small feat." "If you are going to attempt the CCIE you have to have a compelling reason, (market opportunity, etc.)" "If you do attain your CCIE you must have a revenue source to maintain the CCIE, or why care to re-sit for the written exam every two years." "Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking, second place is so far behind, well you get the picture." "As the Internet grows, and we see Moore’s Law impact our global village more and more the winners and losers are in this chart." "Countries that have an expanding CCIE population are going to be the winners in Moore’s Law." "Look at China, but also look at Japan." "Central America, South America, and Africa are not staying up." "Look at the bad boy countries, and you will not see any CCIEs." "Look at dictators or countries that are nationalizing their business and you see the drop again." "The world is flat with opportunities everywhere, but more everywhere in countries with high growing CCIE counts." "Cisco is very proud to publish every four months the total number of CCIEs worldwide." "They don't provide a history, but they do present the current state of certified CCIEs." "An interesting observation is Japan versus India." "We hear about the growth in India, but is India actually building the infrastructure?" "The history of CCIEs should tell the tale." "The answer is no." "As Japan moves to 100Mbps, so the number of CCIEs expands, supporting the growing IP infrastructure." "If you have the IP pipes, the applications will come." "The India numbers imply silos of economic opportunity, not national opportunities." "The current invasion by Russia is another example of the new world order." "Russia 284 CCIEs, Georgia 0." "So your network will go down, because you don't have the people who know how to stop the simplest DoS attacks." "Such easy fodder for Russia." "Now think like Apple, what would you do with these numbers?" "Build stores, market in countries with growing CCIEs." "Microsoft, HP, IBM, bet with the CCIE growth." "Cisco hates that this is published." "If Microsoft published their MCSEs worldwide, I think the numbers would look the same." "Now add Moore's Law." "Where to bet that Moore's Law will have the largest impact?" "The answer is follow the CCIE trends." ---------------------------------------- Related story: Will the global CCIE count predict the future of world power? View more CCIE water cooler gossip.

Do YOU agree that these CCIE numbers by themselves speak volumes, what is your take on what they mean?

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