Microsoft sued by its neighbor

We love it when the little guy stands up to Microsoft. Take InterSystems, a $220 million privately-held

software firm in Cambridge, Mass., which is suing Microsoft to stop it from expanding its facility that it shares with InterSystems' HQ. Microsoft wants to build a research center at One Memorial Drive in Cambridge, where InterSystems has been based since its inception through its growth into an international concern, writes the Boston Globe. Most galling for InterSystems is that Microsoft wants to put a sign on the building.

"The idea of coming to work every day under a Microsoft sign is not so appealing to us," InterSystems VP of strategic planning Paul Grabscheid is quoted as saying in the Globe.

According to the story:

InterSystems occupies 88,000 square feet in the 17-story building along the banks of the Charles River. Microsoft currently occupies 80,000 square feet and wants to add 60,000 more next year. To block its rival's expansion, InterSystems filed suit in Middlesex Superior Court, asking a judge to prevent Microsoft from moving into the upper floors.

The smaller software firm has also sued the building own, Equity Office Partners, claiming that it conspired with Microsoft to lease space that InterSystems has rights to, and sought to increase rents in the process.

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