Cisco dropped the ball with SMB TMM’s and AM’s sending emails to partners saying bye-bye

I was really not looking forward to this when Cisco starting moving engineers and account managers away from the SMB channel and moving in Linksys teams to those positions. First hand I can tell you it has not been a great start, the new Linksys people who are taking over the current SMB roles from Cisco teams are not really up to date and do not really answer emails. This is not just one person but more than a few that I have sent emails to in different areas and never received an email back when asking for help or asking questions.

When sending emails to the old Cisco teams who had those position until this past weekend I got an oh so sorry email no longer my area bye-bye. Rather than helping a customer and partner out you get an email? I was told that they no longer cover the SMB area and could not help me and I should call or email the Linksys team that replaced them as of last week. I hate to say this but this Cisco, they always pass the buck and problems whenever they can. It is so easy for people to say sorry not my areas anymore call someone else.

What really gets me is that rather than just giving me an answer the Cisco reps took more time to write an email as far as to why they could not help me.  I have heard of the same problems with some customers calling engineers that used to help them over the year but now they cannot even get an email back or if they do they are told to call someone else who is now from Linksys.

But here is the best one of all; this was a bomb to the SMB partners when this change was made. The account reps never called the partners they work with to inform them that this change was coming and they would have all new people to help them. How hard would it of been for account reps over the last two weeks to call partners to give them an update? It would have taken time yes, but that's what they should do rather than having account reps send emails out over a weekend saying guess what, we are out of here call this person bye-bye.

Cisco dropped the ball on this one and this could be a set back with SMB customers as I have just received an email from another partner on the west coast who just had the same problem. I wonder if this is why Juniper and ProCurve are getting more marketshare from Cisco? Customer Service to partners and customers?

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