CCIE water cooler gossip: Is a rosy future in the forecast for sitting CCIEs?

A CCIE provided the following gossip to yours truly: "Hello Brad," "I have been reading all of the dire new rules for test taking with Cisco and Microsoft." "I was wondering. In the last 12 months Cisco has minted about 2,598 new CCIEs." "Will the volume of CCIEs start to go down, with the new testing program? It will be interesting to see if Cisco CCIEs and Microsoft MCSE numbers start to slide." "The second group of CCIEs; are the sitting CCIEs. They need to re-certify every two years by passing the written again. Will that number start to drop too?" "If the numbers do slide downward, will Cisco relax the Braindump filters to maintain the growth in high level certifications to support worldwide sales? Will end-users and VARs see certain numbers as weaker than others? "You are a CCIE 21xxx that was Cisco Pre-Braindump filtering, so we..." "Another unknown of the change in the rules is documentation. Cisco Press focuses on what sells, that is fair. Except if you are interested in anything other than CCIE R/S. Go to and look for CCIE Voice, CCIE Security, (very dated), CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Storage. What will Cisco do to make sure that the candidates have all of the resources necessary to pass the written and the Lab?" "The last group is the CCIE training organizations. The rumors have long been that they use the Braindumps, ex-students, and their own staff’s testing experience, to help assure that their training material is relevant. Not teaching the test, but understanding what is on the test." "Your Frame-Relay cloud will have OSPF running across it. So you want to..." "Would this training material trigger a failing grade?" "My bet is that the number of CCIEs minted each year will start to drop as students cannot pass the written to even sit for the Lab. At $350 a pop for the written, and $1,290 for the Lab. What do you do if you are looking at 3 written and 5 Labs,($7,500 without air travel, hotel, car, food, training time for each attempt, etc.) You just might pass on the whole proposition." "For sitting CCIEs things might be looking very rosy in the next few years. Cisco would have to start being nice to us again. Maybe some raises in the works!" -------------------------------------------- Cisco declined to comment. Related story: Will the global CCIE count predict the future of world power? View more CCIE water cooler gossip.

What do YOU forecast for the future of sitting CCIEs?

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