ShieldsUp!: A great free resource to ensure your surfing safely

In today’s market there are not many really good tools that do not cost you an arm and a leg to implement or that take forever to configure and learn to use since they are free. ShieldsUp! Is a tool you may or may not be aware of that takes no time to learn and configure and is absolutely free. Provided by Gibson Research Corporation , ShieldsUp! Offers several different tests: File Sharing, Common Ports, All Service Ports ( the first 1056 ports anyway), Messenger Spam, Browser Headings, Custom port probes or Specific Port information. ShieldsUp! Does not only do a stellar job at testing these security holes, they provide you with information on how to fix them. Boasting over 81,180,299 system tests (at the time of this writing) without a doubt this is a well-used resource by many IT Admins. Gibson Research Corporation also provides free tools for checking personal firewalls, high security password generators and many other cool security tools and useful utilities. If you haven’t checked it out yet give them a try. You can find ShieldsUp! And the many other tools at Recent Posts 12 cool cross-platform tools for Windows, Macs and Linux 20 great Windows open source projects you should get to know Altiris Software Virtualization Solution: Virtualize, package and resolve application deployment Microsoft Midori: Could this be the end of A Better Windows World? The Mojave Experiment: Good marketing or just a mirage

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