Server 2008 Hyper-V: Getting Integrated

OK, so now that the HAL autodetection was enabled, I rebooted my VM with Hyper-V, and reinstalled the Integration Services. Yet another reboot of the VM, and a trip to Device Manager revealed that the VMBus was now error-free. Even better, my mouse was able to move freely between the VM window and the host operating system.

To fully test the integration services, I decided to reconfigure the network adapter and see if the "synthetic" device driver would work. To add the "synthetic" network adapter, right-click your VM in the Hyper-V Manager console, choose Settings, then click the Add Hardware entry in the navigation pane. Choose "Network Adapter" (as opposed to "Legacy Network Adapter"), then click Add. Next, connect the network adapter to whatever virtual network you may have already created, and click OK. If you reboot your VM and you see the new NIC, you can then remove the "Legacy Network Adapter" if you had installed it previously (as I had). The technique is basically the same as for configuring the "Network Adapter."

On top of all that good news, the VM was now running at a very nice speed, indeed. I am looking forward to running some benchmark tests to see just how fast the VM is compared to "bare metal," but I am pretty impressed with the snap and responsiveness of the VM. It is decidedly better than anything I've seen with Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 XYZ5551212.

The Microsoft knowledge base article 954282 suggests that the HAL issue is not unique to VMs running Server 2008, but also applies to VMs running Vista. So, learn from my pain: Set that HAL autodetection flag in MSCONFIG before you try installing the Integration Services in Hyper-V.

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