Podcast: Only You Can Save The Planet On August 27th

Power IT Down Day: it's a new initiative by HP, Intel and Citirx to help all of us reduce the power consumption of our workstations, computer, monitors and other electronic devices when we leave our desks at night. August 27th is the day planned to observe this "awareness holiday". Tom Simmons, area Vice President for Citrix Federal, joins me as a guest on the podcast to talk about this initiative.

On the 27th (it's not too far away), turn off all the power consuming devices when you leave your desk at night. We're asking you to sign up your company at http://wwwhp.com/go/poweritdown. Citrix, HP and Intel will donated the estimated amount of the power saved by companies signed up for the program to the Red Cross. For example, if 1% of the 1.8 million civilian employees did this, it would save the Federal Government an estimated $23,400 per day. Now picture those savings extended out over a year and you've got some unbelievably large bugs.

I don't know about you but at my house, we're looking at multiple ways to save energy and help the environment. I'm already turning off all the gear in my office each night, and now my wife and I are joining the moped scooter generation to get 80+ mpg when we jot around town doing our errands. There are more and more scooters showing up on the roads every day. That's a lot better gas mileage than the gas guzzler I regularly drive around.

I hope Power IT Down Day is not only a success, but also a sustained success. Conservation is a good cause, but being a product designer, I believe in also designing "greener" products from the start. Make products green in the first place and we don't just have to rely on end users practicing good conservation. I blogged about making greener products a little bit yesterday, and a company I advise, Sustainable Minds, who is at the forefront of helping their customers design greener products. They have a very helpful blog and design methodology put together by some of the smartest in the industry.

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