Good Jobs are Out There, the Economy is Not in Recession

If you're thinking the economy is doing very poorly right now, I would argue that you have given in to the media and political hype. Are we experiencing record growth and prosperity? Obviously no, there are parts of the economy and country suffering right now, like housing, and banking. Those industries are suffering a 100-year flood like IT did in 2001 after the boom ended. But the rest of the economy, not so bad; particularly for professions and especially skilled IT professionals. Take this quote from the August newsletter I receive:

On the economic front, the American economy's growth accelerated in the second quarter to a 1.9% annual rate. This means the United States is definitely NOT in a recession, although many politicians would have you believe we are in a recession. Remember, we are in a political year, and politicians are quick to make inflammatory statements, irrespective of the truth of the situation. To be in a recession, we have to have two quarters of negative growth. That has not happened. ... Unemployment has climbed to 5.7%, which is seven-tenths of a percent above normal unemployment, a far cry from the 7% to 14% unemployment rates of real recessions in the recent past. ... Since December, 463,000 jobs have been lost. But the outlook brightens when you look at the 2001 recession where 300,000 jobs were lost in just one month! We are losing jobs but at a decreasing rate. The economy is anemic, but is not in a recession.

Good to hear. Need more proof? Take my company as an example. We are definitely hiring, especially on my team. We have open job reqs for a Security Operations Engineer, IP Telephony and Telecom Operations Engineer, and Security Design Engineer. All three are in the RTP, NC area and are great positions. Hard work, good technology, and great people (the pay is good too). ;-) If you're interested or know someone who would be, e-mail me. So, while the media and politicians might be saying things are terrible, if you have IT skills people need, there are jobs out there. Good jobs too. Keep your chin up, it's not that bad out there.

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