iPhone 3G, the waiting is the hardest part

Does the Apple iPhone 3G live up to Apple's advertising? Not according to this recorded comparison between what Apple's 3G commercial shows vs. an actual demonstration with full signal strength just outside the Apple store in Boston. As that famous Tom Petty song says, the waiting is the hardest part and it sure is in this comparison. Is it false advertising? Well, iPhone 3G network may be 2x faster than the original iPhone Classic, but it's not anything nearly as fast as what Apple shows in its commercial. Is that technically false advertising since the claims are about 3G being 2x the speed? Likely not, but at a minimum you could claim the commercial is deceptive advertising (there's not even a "This commercial shot on closed roads. Don't try this at home." caveat message.)

The iPhone's Safari browser is a far better visual experience than anything on the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Palm OS, but it's still wanting when it comes to actually using it for anything other than basic tasks. Recently while in Vegas, I tried to use a new iPhone 3G to change one of my flights on Orbitz. Just searching for hotels in Vegas became painful, resulting in my giving up and just calling the hotels and airlines directly. You could do it using the iPhone 3G's browser, but it was just too slow and took too long to do something I could accomplish in a few minutes on a voice call.

If you are looking for a great visual experience, the iPhone 3G's a great phone. Want something that speedy for doing even the basic tasks Apple shows in its own commercials? Pretty clear you won't get the same experience Apple's touting in its own commercials. Caveat emptor.

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