CCIE water cooler gossip: CCIE number is now up to 21809

CCIE Number has reached 21809 as of August 20, 2008
Back on July 8 the CCIE Number stood at 21419, it reached 21809 on August 20, this increase of 390 new CCIEs divided by 43 days, works out to an average of 9 newly minted CCIEs per day.
21809 - CCIE Number as of August 20 2008 1024 - Beginning CCIE Number issued August 1993 _____ 20785 - CCIE Numbers earned 17660 - Total worldwide CCIE count as of August 1 2008 _____ 3125 - Inactive CCIE Numbers

Fred Weiller
Regarding the inclusion in the worldwide count of individuals whose CCIE number is in "suspended status," Fred Weiller - Director of Marketing for Learning@Cisco, provided Cisco's official response: "Currently 'suspended' CCIE's are included in the published worldwide statistics."

"As these candidates are eligible to recertify, we believe that we should continue to count them as part of our global community of expert networking professionals." ---------------------------------------- Related story: Will the global CCIE count predict the future of world power? View the nine year worldwide CCIE count as well as more CCIE water cooler gossip.

Are 9 new CCIEs per day enough to meet demand?

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