Hyper-V Manager and Helpless Help

One of the things that has struck me about Hyper-V is how little information Microsoft has provided in the online help for the Hyper-V Manager console. For example, this help file contains virtually no information about taking snapshots of virtual machines, or about importing and exporting VM's (which is not as simple as it sounds). Now we know why Hyper-V was released two months before anyone expected: Microsoft decided not to bother with a decent help file!

This situation is part of an ongoing trend whereby Microsoft is putting more and more of its technical documentation onto the Web and less and less onto your workstation or server. I understand their rationale - if you find a mistake on a Website, it's a lot easier to correct than if you find a mistake that's residing on a few hundred thousand hard drives. Still, it's not a very convenient trend for those organizations that block Internet access for segments of their internal networks.

So, I'm on a mission to find documentation for Hyper-V that you all can download and have on hand for your own Hyper-V investigations. Let me know what you've found helpful and I'll go do some scrounging myself for next time. I've concluded that trying to find good information in the help file for the Hyper-V Manager console is an exercise in frustration.

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