Given up on Google Chrome -- already

Just a quick update to yesterday's post about the Google Chrome browser meaning more Web-site incompatibility. After downloading Chrome, I decided the best way to determine if I could use it would be to try it with sites I use most frequently. First site -- good. Second site -- still good. Third site -- oops, application is unusable because of a problem in the display of some DHTML. I know, Chrome's new and I should cut it some slack, but sorry, I've got work to do. I don't have time to cut yet-another-browser any slack when I have two perfectly (relatively speaking) fine Web browsers in IE and Firefox. If Chrome wants to be my browser, it has to pass muster in the sites and apps I use most. Otherwise, it's an interesting tool I'll keep an eye on and occasionally check out to see if it's ready for prime time or if its utility has improved yet.

A few people are already calling Chrome the next OS or a replacement for current operating systems. Hardly. Ridiculous. Obviously these folks don't realize what an OS actually does. Chrome's a long, long way from that. It has to become a viable browser first. Believe me, if it solved the performance and stability issues Firefox regularly experiences, I'd drop Firefox in a New York minute. No chance of that happening for a while, though.

So, while Chrome got a quick run-through on my machines, it's not being added to my software tool bench quite yet -- maybe not for a long while yet.

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