From Mojave to Seinfeld: Microsoft goes from Trickery to WHAT????????

Keith Shaw my colleague at Network World posted an interesting piece today. The new ad campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has been released, see here. It seems the first of the $300 million ($10 million going to Seinfeld) ad campaign dubbed "Windows, not walls" ads has hit...well a WALL. In what I can only call the most confusing ad campaign ever, it features Jerry, Bill, a discount shoe store, cake, some subtext...and I don't know what else. I went absolutely crazy when I saw the Mojave Experiment Now I have to say that was a work of genius compared to this advertisement. This was supposed to be an answer to the MAC commercials that have been beating up on Microsoft. It was also supposed to change some minds about Windows Vista. Jerry Seinfeld is a great comedian and I get adding Bill in as the straight man, sort of an old school Abbott & Costello thing. This was neither funny nor effective. After this aired I think I saw five of my neighbors throw out their PC and get in their car to get to the Apple store before it closed. We can do better than this; in fact for only $15 million I'll produce three commercials for Microsoft that will blow this one away. Somebody at Redmond please talk to us, were here trying to support you and I think we desperately need to understand.....WHY??? Someone reading my blog...maybe you can tell me WHY? Post a comment let me know your thoughts.

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