Even Paris Hilton? ... All hope is lost

That's it, friends, I'm not going to use the Internet anymore, period. Way too risky. Too many hackers and hustlers and ne'er-do-wells lurking at every Web address waiting to whack me over the head, lift my identity and do with it what they may.

Final straw? Check out this screen capture (below) of a featured story found on Yahoo moments ago.

Yahoo Paris Hilton
Even Paris Hilton! The story is about bad guys exploiting the forgetful through misuse of those ubiquitous "Forget your password" links. As you know, coughing up some bit of personal info is often required to prompt the password reminder. "Even Paris Hilton is said to have fallen prey to the 'what is your dog's name?' password reset hack," the writer intones. "Doesn't help to have one of the most infamous dogs in America."

For all that we hold dear in this world, how can the rest of us ordinary folk risk going online when even Paris Hilton has been unable to steer clear of harm's way.

True, I don't own a dog, infamous or otherwise, but why take chances.

Check please. Call me a cab. I'm done.

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