Liveblogging TechCrunch50 Day 1 #tc50

Following the press coordinator's advice for once, I arrived just after the door opened. For the expense of this conference, it has a very deliberate low-budget feel. All of the booths are tiny, each consisting of a couple of 2' diameter round tables with black table cloths, and a modest display. There are about 50 exhibitors, mostly unknown start-ups, and a couple of larger players. So far I've run into some fun guys from GoGrid, Zivity, and OtherInbox, and ShopZilla. I've got an interview setup with GoGrid (and I said I wouldn't be covering infrastructure here!) and am trying to set a few other ones up right now. My brief precap of the conference: standard breakfast, all carbs, no protein. The wireless is pretty broken already and the doors haven't even been opened up to the conference attendees yet. Beyond that, it seems to be a tight ship, well run, and organized to encourage networking. The conference hall is massive. Now if they would just stop piping in the obnoxious pop music through the PA system. If any of you are here at the conference, look me up.

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