Interesting blogs 1: Dave Kellogg's Mark Logic CEO blog

During my recent Network World online chat, I specifically praised two vendor blogs. One was Dave Kellogg's. Dave is CEO of Mark Logic, a vendor of XML database/custom publishing software; not coincidentally, his blog is called Mark Logic CEO.*

*Dave is also Exhibit A for my theory that it's hard to have a completely qualified VP of Marketing, because if you do, s/he will also be qualified for and eventually move on to a CEO job, something that is less true of Sales VPs, who may understand technology well enough, and also less true of Engineering VPs, who may not understand coin-operated salespeople well enough ... but I digress.

Dave does several different things in his blog, all of them well.

  • He outlines the general case for XML database management.
  • He highlights applications and other proof points supportive of his company's value proposition.
  • He offers broader market insight, into the adjacent areas of business intelligence, database management, and text search.
  • He offers enterprise software business insight, especially in the area of marketing.

Of course Dave is biased, but in many posts he does a good job of modularizing his biases away from some fairly dispassionate analysis.

Blog name: Mark Logic CEO


Editor/Author: Dave Kellogg, CEO of Mark Logic Corporation

Archives go back to: 2005

Post frequency: 10-25/month

Look and feel: Generic Blogspot (blech)

Topics: See above

Strength: Good analysis, especially of issues on the boundary of technology and (from a vendor perspective) business

Weakness: Corporate bias

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