Interesting blogs 2: Jeremiah Owyang's social media firehose

The technology blogosphere is rife with complaints about a group of highly visible but insular “A-listers.” But none of them seem directed at Jeremiah Owyang, who is about as engaged a person as you'd ever hope to encounter. He publishes a popular, high-volume blog on social media called Web Strategy by Jeremiah; he finds time to comment on other people's blogs as well; he is ranked #1 by a landslide in Tekrati's survey of “top analyst Twitterers”; and in his day job he's an analyst for Forrester Research, advising real businesses about how to make real use of social networking technologies.

*I was a lowly 15th, even before I pretty much gave up on Twitter for the time being ... but I digress.

The center of Jeremiah's coverage seems to large enterprises using large social media services (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) for brand marketing. But he covers numerous adjacent areas as well. Jeremiah is one of the opinion leaders in social media, and deservedly so. If care about the area at all, you should at least check his blog out.

Blog name: Web Strategy by Jeremiah


Editor/Author: Jeremiah Owyang, an analyst at Forrester Research

Archives go back to: 2006, but another URL has archives back to 2005

Post frequency: High, and they're long -- but there's a weekly digest

Look and feel: Straightforward custom WordPress (theme customized by Jeremiah himself)

Topics: Social media, both for external and internal use; brand marketing

Strength: Comprehensive coverage of social media; focus on actual enterprise concerns

Weakness: Potentially overwhelming volume

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