Net Orbit- Keeping an eye on you network…Literally!

The first tool I heard about this week at the TechMentor conference came about in a conversation with some fellow techies. The tool is called Net Orbit from Retina X Studios , in fact I wanted to talk about this tool purposely for that reason. I think there is no better way to find good tools for your network than to just talk to others in the field. It is those in the trenches who have the best insight in these things. Point proven with Net Orbit this tool allows you to install a client on all the systems in your network and watch up to 100 systems simultaneously. The program is installed silently and cannot be shut down by the user. Along with monitoring systems you can control machines remotely, check hardware and services. You can annotate a screen and share your screen with users if you like. Now this tool is geared for educational environments and has features like screen annotation and sharing the Admin screen for those purposes. But when I look at the product I thought of a few other good uses for Net Orbit. Perhaps doing some training on a new application, if you have limited space this is great way to conduct training with each user at their desk. If you are having problems with bandwidth usage and maybe you need to be concerned about compliance or nefarious usage. Net Orbit has a few other good features like freeze mouse, lock down a PC, chat, manage remote files from your console at your desk. System requirements for clients are only 433Mhz system with 64MB’s of RAM, running Windows 2000/NT/XP or Vista. Not sure why someone might have machines quite that old, but it’s nice to know that the software has such a small footprint. Net Orbit is a great tool to track what users are doing, help students to perform better and train your staff. You can get a 30 day trial and licensing is not that expensive. Need to keep an eye on your network, train your staff or teach a room full of students, then Net Orbit is a tool that will make your world… A Better Windows World.

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