Giving in to the Dark Side

On the heals of starting my MBA a few weeks ago, I gave into the Dark Side this week and officially moved into management. Gone are the wonderful days of OSPF and BGP design, forever replaced with cost accounting, performance reviews, and marathon budget meetings. ;-) Seriously, it's none of that. This is a natural progression and growth I am happy to move in to. As my bio to the right says, I was a "communications team lead". Now, I am the "communications engineering manager". Really, Monday will be no different than Friday, except title. I have been performing this role for nearly a year, it's just more official now. It's also where I want to go in my career. As I wrote a while back, I've often felt was separates me from other engineers is leadership, not how much I know about OSPF (plenty of other people know more than I). However, I've been successful blending my technology knowledge with direction, initiative, drive, communications, and leadership. That has made me a top engineer, and I hope a top manager. It also opens up opportunities for my employees to be architects and leads. But what about this blog? I don't see much changing. It's still a technology blog focused on real events from an enterprise perspective. I may sprinkle in some management topics, but my role is the manager of the team responsible for architecture and engineering for Networking, IP Telephony, Security, QoS, and SAN in our entire corporation. There's a lot of technology issues to deal with. I'm sure I'll find plenty to write about.

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