TipCam: Reduce Helpdesk calls and increase productivity

In IT we can use all sorts of tools to automate and ease administration of the enterprise. The one thing we can never seem to control or automate is our user base. Herein lies the base problem with our positions, if you are only as strong as your weakest link. Then all our networks are pretty weak. User education has long been a recommendation to help strengthen that chain. But at a time when market conditions are bad and your boss is watching both the employee retirement plan and his own personal portfolio lose crazy amounts of money, asking for a training budget will probably not fly. Likewise, the time it takes to put together a training program using PowerPoint slides, handouts and even labs is not conducive to a little luxury in IT that we like to call…SLEEP! So what can we do? Well a company called uTIPu has a product called TipCam that can give you a cost-effective solution and the much needed rest you require. TipCam is free screen capture recording software that is easy to use and comes with some great features such as: - 20 minutes of full motion video with audio - Record in FLV for Web delivery - Record in AVI to edit video later - Voice-editing features to re-record narration errors or add audio to video recordings at a later time. - Smart panning to zoom during recording - Free style hand drawing and markup - Multi-language support That is a lot of features for a free product and it provides a solution that can give us the ability to create simple training videos that will not take much time. When I learned about this software I could not help but think back to when I was in an accounting firm and thinking about the dollars we spent training junior staff members on the accounting software that many were working with for the first time. The ability to install this and capture screens as a “power-user” works through the process, add audio and share instantly. With TipCam you can have a reproducible product that will free up time for IT and those power users who usually spend lots of time helping more junior users get comfortable. Now I do not advocate completely removing professional training from the picture. However, if you have an application that is not cost effective or again if no training budget exists, TipCam provides a solution that can help you meet those needs cost effectively.

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