Survey: 35% would pick PDA over spouse

Could I possibly have been the only one who upon reading that little nugget said: "Only 35%?"

No way I'm alone. I mean just think about all the cool things that can be done with today's Blackberries and iPhones and their ilk ... and then think about the divorce rate.

Thirty-five percent, my ass.

From the survey press release:

Technology-addicted professionals just can't keep their hands off their personal digital assistants (PDA's), as new technology continues to transform the way we live and work. In a new work-life study from Sheraton Hotels & Resorts today, 85% of U.S. professionals surveyed said that because of modern technology, they feel compelled to be connected to work 24/7 and 81% say they work harder now than they did five years ago.

Just how technology-addicted is our society? A whopping 87% of professionals bring their PDA into the bedroom and, in a potentially related finding, more than one-third of folks surveyed (35%) say if forced to choose, they'd pick their PDA over their spouse! The vast majority of people (84%) also say they check their PDA's just before going to bed and as soon as they wake up, 85% say they sneak a peak at their PDA in the middle of the night and 80% say they check their e-mail before morning coffee.

Of course professionals are working harder as a result of mobile technology; at this point we don't need a hotel chain survey to belabor the obvious.

Another story altogether is the 87% who say they take their PDA to bed. That's just plain creepy, people.

It's also worth noting that this disconnect between husband and wife is not new, as one expert told the Chicago Sun Times.

Dr. Sam R. Hamburg, a psychologist and marital therapist, said he has a client who can't get his wife's attention because she's always looking at her BlackBerry. Hamburg said this is just a new spin on the old problem of spouses not paying enough attention to each other.

"When Ralph Kramden or Archie Bunker was sitting in the chair behind his newspaper, it was the same thing, just lower tech," said Hamburg. "People have to actually make a point of turning off the TV, turning off the radio, and sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table and taking the time to talk. There's no substitute for doing that."

Personally, there's no way I'd choose a Blackberry over my Dearest One. (Full disclosure: I don't own a Blackberry.)

Now if we're going to talk about my 60-inch HD TV ...

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