Microsoft gives away "VMware-costs-too-much" shwag at VMworld

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This is a funny move, from a fierce-but-friendly competition point of view (although it is doubtful that new VMware CEO, Paul Maritz, would see it that way.) On Tuesday morning, as 14,000 VMworld attendees made their way to the first keynote sessions, Microsoft booth babes (or more like street babes -- but that sounds a little risque when talking about Las Vegas), stood outside and handed out the following. (Picture courtesy of the Microsoft Virtualization team blog.) They gave attendees $1 casino chips on cards that said "Looking for your best bet? You won't find it with VMware. Visit

Of course, you won't find objective material about virtualization choices at a site built by Microsoft with a URL like that. But Microsoft scores points for being scrappy. If you have questions about virtualization choices, stay tuned to the Network World Chat page. We will be lining up a technology-agnostic expert in late October to answer your questions about Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix/Xen and so on. Specifics will be announced via the Network World newsletters and this blog.

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