Bye-bye Jerry: Microsoft cancels Seinfeld ad campaign

UPDATED 9/19: Thank you Matt Konwiser for pointing out in your comment below that there are still questions as to whether the ads were canceled or not. According to Gizmo, a third ad has been produced and will likely be aired. But Gizmo says that the series was originally supposed to include 12 "episodes" and production of the fourth ad was killed three days before it was supposed to begin.

While we want to be fair and give Microsoft credit for trying something new and daring in this ad campaign, we also want to give them a thump on the head. The reason that Apple's Mac/PCs ads are successful is that they appeal to folks who are NOT in the market for anti-aging cream. Microsoft either needs to do something to make itself appear less stodgy and more cool, or it needs to embrace its image as the workhorse software maker for the business world. One thing that won't help it -- is a series of ad campaigns that show it is aging and out of touch.

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ORIGNAL POST 9/18: That didn't take long. Microsoft is ditching its much derided ad campaign that featured Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld and a lot of inexplicable nonsense. Valleywag broke the news late yesterday and today, the New York Times reports details on the replacement campaign. Instead of a '90's throwback comedian, Microsoft will feature everyday people using Vista, a few celebs and that now famous Apple PC Guy -- or at least, a look-alike version of him.

The new campaign is expected to begin today. Other celebs expected to make appearances in the commercials include Eva Longoria, author Deepak Chopra and singer Pharrell Williams. But the ads will reportedly be showcased on "regular" people such as scientists, fashion designers, shark hunters and teachers who will declare to the camera how they love their Windows PCs.

Before we leave the whole Seinfeld mistake behind ... we've posted commercial No. 2, which is endlessly long, endlessly painful and makes you think Apple's PC guy is actually cool.

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