HelpDeskVNC: Increase your desktop reach, without reaching deep into your pockets

I know I have talked a bit about helpdesk products for the Windows Administrator. HelpdeskVNC (another product I heard about in small talk at TechMentor NYC) is a nice tool whether you have a full helpdesk staff or you have an environment where you are shorthanded and need to wear many hats. This remote control desktop tool, easily installs and has a ton of great features (which I will talk about shortly), one of the things I liked most about it is the ability to use a repeater to pass through firewalls and connect to clients even when you are on the road. I know there are other products that allow you to do the same thing, I have used most of them, what I like about this one is it has all the features they offer and more and it doesn’t kill your budget. Some of the great features the newest version includes (they are currently up to Version 3) are: - Reboot & reconnect to clients in Normal mode or Safe Mode - Track session times to know how much time you have spent on fixing the remote system - 128 bit RC4 encryption & compression for non-encrypted data to ensure security. - Unlimited number of supportable hosts (licenses are based on support person) - Server/Client file transfers - Remote screen blanking/mouse blocking - Ctrl-Alt-Del functionality (even works with Vista UAC enabled) - HTTP links to download and launch files from a Web server - The Toolbar supports launching of regedit, msconfig, and even supports launching of your antivirus software and spyware software on the remote client with a single click. HelpdeskVNC also supports every version of Windows from Windows 9.x up to Vista. Although I do not know why you would have a Windows 98 machine in your environment. However, I was speaking with an attendee at the conference who told me he was looking forward to the next round of PC purchases his company was going to do, so he can finally get rid of the Windows 98 machines in his environment, so if you need it support is there. Pricing for a single support person is only $125, with no additional costs…ever! Unlimited support staff licensing comes in under $500. If that is still not enough for you, the small client size (293k), fast response times and ease of use (I had it installed and was running it between my firewall and the test clients firewall without any problems) should make you take to time to look at HelpdeskVNC.

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