CCIE water cooler gossip: CCIE number is now up to 22070

CCIE Number has reached 22070 as of September 17th, 2008
Back on August 20th the CCIE Number stood at 21809, it reached 22070 on September 17th, this increase of 261 new CCIEs divided by 28 days, works out to an average of 9.3 newly minted CCIEs per day.
22,070 - CCIE Number as of September 17th, 2008 1,024 - Beginning CCIE Number issued August 1993 _____ 21,046 - CCIE Numbers earned 17,840 - Total worldwide CCIE count as of September 9th, 2008 _____ 3,206 - Potential inactive status CCIE Numbers *Note: Cisco includes CCIE Numbers under suspended status as part of the worldwide CCIE count.

This blog compared the September 9th, 2008 worldwide CCIE count to the August 1st, 2008 count, and revealed that 100% of CCIE growth occurred outside the United States. View the nine year worldwide CCIE count as well as more CCIE water cooler gossip.

Are 9.3 new CCIEs per day enough to meet demand?

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