BoA suffering yet more Web sites woes

It's easy for me to tell when Bank of America is having Web site problems -- yet again -- because its customers start Googling phrases such as "Bank of America site down," which brings them in droves to old Buzzblog posts such as this one.

And this one.

And this one.

I noticed awhile ago that some 2,000 Google-directed visitors have made that journey today, so it was no surprise when I wasn't able to get on the BoA site myself a few minutes ago. Subsequent attempts have largely failed, as well, although I did get through once after an exceptionally long wait.

A colleague speculates that the latest hiccup may be related to all the hubbub surrounding BoA's acquisition of Merrill Lynch. Maybe. All I know is that this has been a chronic problem for at least two years now.

Anyone think it will get better as BoA gets bigger?

(Update: This blogger has noticed the anguished cries of BoA customers, too, and took the time to post some customer service telephone numbers for those who just can't wait for the Web site to return.)

(Update 2: A BoA spokeswoman tells CNet they're having "temporary systems issues." )

(Update 3: Here's a blogger who says the problems have been happening "all day.")

(Update 4: Tuesday morning and all is well with the BoA site ... apparently ... for now, at least.) 

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