Google Android, just another smart phone

After all the hype, T-Mobile, HTC and Google launched what they call the "world's first Android-powered mobile phone" today and they declared to that it would somehow change the mobile phone market as we know it. But Cool Tools columnist Keith Shaw has examined the details on the phone, the service and some of the new applications and says he's doubtful that it will change the game -- looks like the phone will just be another T-mobile player. In fact, he's come up with 5 reasons why this Android phone won't live up to its hype. These include customer lock-in, a gaping lack of support for Microsoft Exchange, the integrated digital camera, a wobbly uncontrolled Andoid "market" and the true killer, very limited access to a high speed network.

Of course, Microsoft Subnet's own mobile gadget guy, Mitchell Ashley, has also weighed in on the pros and cons of Android. He's found three killer apps that could wow some users, particularly users Google Apps lovers. But Google's deliberate dissing of Microsoft Exchange support can only hurt it in the eyes of the enterprise (until some savvy third-party comes in and fills that market gap). Google mail is supported but is hardly going to be the goto choice for the enterprise anytime soon, Android or not. Check out this video of the new Android phone and decide for yourself if you are looking at a "game changer" or just another entry in an already crowded smart phone market.

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