PCDecrapifier: A tool that lives up to its name

It is very rare that you find a tool for your network that is as bold in explaining its function as this tool. So what is a PCDecrapifier? Simply put this software examines your PC and removes all the pre-loaded “crapplications” that are added to your PC’s when you first purchase them. Crapplications (I love this term almost as much as the product name), as pre-loaded pieces of software that are not necessary for your PC to run in fact in many cases they are some auxiliary programs that come along with the real software that we want. Such as those applications that load icons into your task tray for quick access, or the ones that load update managers at startup even though they only produce updates for their product every three or four months. Another one I love is the ones who add music management program to the download when all you wanted was the media player they provide. And let’s not forget the toolbar guys who add those browser toolbars to software you download or even purchase and hope that you just click next…next…next and install their crapplication onto your systems. I won’t name names you know who you are, and so do we! Now everyone’s version of what would be considered a crapplication is different. So what PCDecrapifier does is first ask you to create a restore point (just in case), next it examines the system. Shows you what is found and then allows you to choose what to remove. The personal version is free and the commercial version is only $20 per technician. You can find the personal version here. The site also provides instructions for downloading the commercial version. The commercial version adds the ability to automate itself and provides additional command line parameters for administrators. PCDecrapifier is not only a really good tool to keep your PC’s running clean and free of any pre-loaded crapplications it also quite possibly the best named product I’ve seen in a long time.

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