Secunia NSI – Keeping your applications up to date

Many IT administrators in the Windows world are familiar with WSUS, Microsoft’s server based software update system. While this is a great tool for addressing Windows and Office software, it does not mange updates for the rest of the applications in your enterprise. There are many solutions to help with this problem of software updates. One solution I have found to be both relatively easy to use and inexpensive is called Secunia NSI (Network Software Inspector).

As the name suggests Secunia NSI is a software inspector that checks your network for systems for vulnerabilities such as applications that are unpatched, reached their end of life, or software versions that have known vulnerabilities running in your organization. The software runs a scan of all hosts and checks for applications (including Windows and Office) and reports back on the release date of the application, its last update. It also provides information on its rating, impact, a description and solutions. Along with providing updates, Secunia NSI has the ability to export results to XML and CSV formats, allowing you to create reports for management. Secunia NSI has a free personal computer version called Secunia PSI, as well as the OSI (Online Software Inspector). Secunia has a 30-day free trial , but for less than $30 per host, Secunia is a nice solution to make sure that all your software in your organization is up to par.

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