I'm a psychiatrist of the software industry, and used to hold an Original Evil Presidentship on Wall Street

Creators of spam web sites commonly steal and sometimes modify existing web content, the better to look "real" to the search engines. Some specifics of how this happens can be found in a couple of posts on splogs and black hat SEO. A few days ago, I tripped across an example of this that seemed pretty funny, kind of like a Mad Libs version of my career. In close to its entirety, it reads (links removed, emphasis added):

He afterwards co-founded EvernetInc., a $40 meg networking systems integrator. Since 1990, he has owned and operated Monash Research, an analysis and consultive steadfastly cover software-intensive sectors of the subject industry. Do you want to buy guild wars gold? In that period he also has been co-founder, presidency, or chairwoman of various else discipline startups.

Laconic has served as a strategic consultant to umpteen well-known firms, including Vaticinator, Microsoft, SAP, AOL, CA, and Netezza. Concise attained a Ph.D. in maths (Spunky Theory) from University Lincoln. He has held body positions in maths, economics and open insurance at University, Altruist, and Suffolk universities.

Similarly, players are the penultimate connexion of investigation. LOTRO has its reliability problems (such solon than Guild Wars ever did, and I intend to investigate few ideas as to why). guild wars gold is the currency used to buy and trade items. But flatbottom so, they’re uncovered quickly, and for the most location secure relatively shortly. LOTRO also does a nice job of but editing aspects of the scheme if fact missions or whatever are generally imperfect.

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug 13, 2008 (Line Accommodate) — NCsoft(R), the mankind’s directive proprietor and developer of online computer games, today announced discipline changes in its massively multiplayer online (MMO) gritty, Origin(R) II. In an update from The Chaotic Invest(TM) series titled Gracia(TM) - Share 1, players present learn onward in the gamey to be dramatically faster. This, quality a throng of separate changes to enhance the player change, act this update often author comprehensible to newer players than before.

Smooth beyond that — for galore group, the livelong core of an MMO is accord. And it turns out to expect a lot of group performing gross to pass whatever sub-community you’re in hold caviling collection. Essential to visit with me smoldering online? I’ll be the impermanent for a Material Group schmoose where I’ll be responsive your questions near database direction, book analytics, MMO diversion — or anything added you poorness to conversation some. 2 - 3 p.m. ET, Weekday, Honourable 19. No entry essential. Retributive login.

Curt Monash is a preeminent psychiatrist of and strategic authority to the software business. Praised by Martyr J. Author for his “unmatched insight into subject and marketplace trends,” Terse was the software/services manufacture’s 1 hierarchical hold psychiatrist spell at PaineWebber, Inc., where he served as a Original Evil Presidentship until 1987.

The gain in destruction speed is due in portion to a new Vigour grouping, which rewards the contestant with an have payment for clip either spent inaccurate from the strategy or in uninjured zones. Do you want to buy guild wars gold? New characters faculty begin out with extremum Energy, so they can act improving their trait’s development within minutes.

Obviously, this was an adapation of my recent post on MMO gaming, as well my bio that appears on the blog pages here. But here's what I really want to know -- how did they decide to replace my name by various synonyms for "Terse"? :)  Edit:  Oh, duh - that text was based on my FIRST name, which is "Curt."  Again I say, duh.  Hat tip to Melissa Bradshaw for detecting the obvious.

By the way -- this spam site had a pretty clear e-commerce purpose; it wants to sell you virtual gold for the game of Guild Wars. But some sites like that don't try to sell you anything -- and that means they're even more dangerous. Why? Because there's a great chance that what they're up to is trying to download malware.

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