Would Cisco CEO Chambers be McCain's choice for U.S. Treasury Secretary?

Cisco CEO John Chambers was the first name mentioned by John McCain when questioned in an interview regarding potential Treasury Secretaries in a new administration, blogs Brad Reese. Additionally, Cisco

is among a group of Silicon Valley tech companies urging passage by the U.S. House of Representatives of the $700 billion Wall Street Bailout, reports The San Jose Mercury News. Based on the U.S. Senate Bailout proposal, as Treasury Secretary,Chambers would rule the business world with $700 billion of U.S. taxpayer money to spend at his direction.  Go here for Brad's full report, plus links to the U.S. Senate Bailout proposal.

Chambers has been a longtime McCain supporter. The Presidential-hopeful in February 2007 selected Chambers to serve as the national co-chair and economic and technology adviser of his presidential exploratory committee. Chambers previously served on the education committee of President Bush's transition team and an advisory council on the nation's infrastructure.

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