Windows Update: should it be used to call for plaintiffs in a lawsuit?

Here is news from the ongoing

"Windows Vista Capable" lawsuit that could bring a smirk to your face, as reported by Lawyers have petitioned the court to allow them to use Microsoft's own Windows Update to contact the potential 15 million folks who could be plaintiffs against Microsoft in the class action suit.

In a filing today, attorneys at Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell in Seattle say that Windows Update would provide a nifty low-cost way to find potential members for the class. The suit alleges that Microsoft misled consumers by encouraging PC makers to declare their computers as "Vista ready" prior to the release of Vista (using "Windows Vista Capable" stickers) even though some of these PCs could run only a stripped down version of the operating system.

In February the case was granted class action status, but there's a problem. How can the lawyers find and contact potential members of the suit? reports that lawyers want Microsoft to send an informational update through the Windows Update system that says something to the affect of:

If you purchased a computer certified as 'Windows Vista Capable' and not also bearing the "Premium Ready" designation, your rights may be affected by a class action lawsuit. Click here for more detailed information.

On top of that, lawyers want Microsoft to send this update labeled as "important."

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