Update: Is Cisco cheating a reseller?

Cisco is this week involved in a jury trial with a former reseller Infra-Comm of  San Juan Capistrano, Calif., which in June sued Cisco for allegedly snatching a $5 million opportunity away

from the reseller and turning it over to AT&T. Cisco, in turn, claims Infra-Comm harmed the networking giant's busines and misused its brand name, according to a story in ChannelWeb. Cisco claims that Infra-Comm's slow business growth hindered its ability to serve the customer, and has requested Orange County Superior Court Judge Gregory H. Lewis to disallow the use of the word "partnership" in reference to the relationship between Cisco and Infra-Comm, reports ChannelWeb. That request was denied and both sides  agreed to work out a definition of the word for the jury, reports ChannelWeb.

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