Cisco VACL provides unlimited number of SPAN ports

Cisco Subnet blogger Jamey Heary writes: Have you run out of traffic spanning sessions on your Cisco

switches, are you treating them like gold because of their scarcity? If so, you should take a good look at VACL capture, a feature that provides you with a virtually unlimited number of SPAN sessions. VACL capture works with most of the newer Cisco switches including the 6500, 4500, 4900, 3750E, 3750, 3560E, and the 3560. VACL stands for VLAN Access Control List. It operates like a typical port based ACL but instead of being enabled on a per port or L3 interface level it is enabled on a VLAN bases. A VACL is an extended ACL that controls traffic that enters or exists a VLAN. The VACL capture feature adds a keyword capture to the end of an ACL entry.

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