Transfer to Voice Mail Configuration

To allow users of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) system to transfer users directly to Cisco Unity voicemail, a new voicemail profile will need to be configured. The configuration of a voicemail profile is the same in all versions of Call Manager, but the menu option has moved starting with CUCM 6.0. Prior to 6.0, the Voice Mail Profile configuration option is available via Feature > Voice Mail > Voice Mail Profile. Beginning with 6.0, the Voice Mail Profile configuration is available via VoiceMail > Voice Mail Profile. Click the Add New button. The voicemail profile name will not affect the configuration, but it should be named something descriptive. A name of Transfer to Voicemail Profile would be appropriate. The Voicemail Pilot of the system you’ve already integrated with should be selected from the Voice Mail Pilot drop down menu. The Voice Mail Box Mask will be configured with 5 wildcard digits (XXXXX) if the Voice Mail Pilot and dial plan is based on five digits. The number of wildcard digits configured in the Voice Mail Box Mask must match the internal dial plan. Click Save. After the Voice Mail Profile has been configured, a CTI Route Point (Computer Telephony Integration) must be configured. The CTI route point is configured as a device like a Cisco IP phone. Configure the CTI Route Point with a Device Pool and Calling Search Space that is specific to the site. Click Save. Now that the CTI Route Point has been created, a hyperlink to add a Line should appear. Click the “Line [1] = Add a new” DN hyperlink. The CTI Route Point DN should be configured with a directory number that matches the directory number range of all phone numbers in the cluster with a * prefixed before the patterns. If the CUCM cluster uses 5-digit dialing beginning with a 1, *1XXXX would be configured as the Directory Number. *XXXXX would allow calls in any 5 digit range to be forwarded to voicemail if the user dialed a * before the 5 digit pattern. The Voice Mail Forward All check box must be selected. Click Save. Reset the Route Point. Now your users will be able to transfer callers to voicemail directly. While on a phone call, a user will now be able to transfer a call directly to an individual’s voicemail by clicking the Transfer softkey and transferring the call to * followed by the directory number (e.g. *15001 for extension 15001). In the next blog post, we’ll talk configure the iDivert softkey. The iDivert softkey will allow users to ignore calls and forward them directly to voicemail.

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