AppDeploy Repackager: Simplifying custom application deployment

Anyone who has had to work with repackaging applications to simplify deployment can appreciate that it can be an arduous task. Perhaps it is something as Admins we would love to avoid. Yet at times it is necessary to repackage applications for installation, specifically when we talk about updating disk images, customizing installations and working with legacy applications that do not use the MSI installer. AppDeploy, a company whose focus is as the name says application deployment, has released a new “free” Windows application repackager. AppDeploy Repackager allows you to generate a custom, silent installer based on changes that are made to a system when installing and configuring software. “Until now, there hasn’t been a free tool available to the administrators that addresses repackaging,” said Ian Northwood of Deepnet Limited, a long-time AppDeploy community member and contributor. “I’m beyond thrilled with this offer from AppDeploy. And with its sharable format, it’s sure to become a favorite of administrators around the world who are charged with the customization of software installs which can be an incredibly time consuming and tedious process.” For those Admins that need an extra hand or who perhaps are new to application customization and repackaging AppDeploy offers help Its community boasts more than 250,000 monthly visitors and maintains a broad knowledge base, for many applications, the press release said they maintain a knowledge base of “ hundreds of thousands of applications”, and from what I have seen I believe them. The knowledge base offers the ability to search for best practices, additions and technical issues users have encountered. The community is maintained by some 25,000 professionals. Again the product is free and the support is there for just about any application you can think of customizing with the library of suggestions and support growing daily. That makes this product a no-brainer. If you have worked with application repackagers, are looking into it or need something that is easy and intuitive then AppDeploy Repackager is the tool for you. Get you’re free copy at

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