Flash 10 is out - hoping it fixes stability issues

Adobe today released for ">a new version of its ubiquitous Flash Player. Version 10 adds a number of new features including dynamic streaming that varies the bitrate of a video depending on network conditions. Very cool for those that want to be able to stream higher quality content to high-bandwidth users but still want to be able to deliver to those with less-than-stellar connections. Brightcove 3 (announced yesterday) supports this and I look forward to testing it out with some of our Network World videos. More importantly though, I hope the new version fixes some recent stability issues that have recently been plaguing my system and others: On Firefox 3, Flash videos become unresponsive after a while. The page will load, the Flash object containing the video will load, but press play and nothing will happen. Closing the tab doesn't help, the whole browser needs to be shutdown and restarted. Could be a Firefox issue too, but firefox_answers on Twitter claimed the issue was fixed in Flash 10RC (release candidate). I didn't want to install a beta product since I deal with a lot of with Flash-based applications for work, but now that Flash 10 is officially out I've got it installed. Fingers crossed that the intermittent crash (for lack of a better word) issue is gone.

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