An area of life technology has yet to solve

Sorry I have been scarce this week on A Better Windows World. I have been sick with the flu. This week’s articles (had I been able to write them) would've been titled "A Very Congested Windows World", "A drowsy Windows World", A.. Oh you get the idea. I will leave it at that for now. During my infirmed state I watched a show called Prototype This on the Discovery Channel. I know what you’re thinking (typical nerd) watch it! Don't forget I'm an Italian kid from Brooklyn...Capicia! So now I'm watching this show and they are working on a remote control car. This car uses a series of servos, cameras and a unique remotely control for driver functions. These are not the kind of RC cars you buy for your children. These are full size automobiles. What was amazing is they used a combination of electronics, hardware and software to control the movement of the car. Then they used the Emotiv Epoch, the Epoch is a nuero-technology device that is able to detect facial movements and emotional states. Using the headset they are able to put the car into gear by thinking about it, and that was not even the best part. The idea of the show was to create a car that would sense a person’s emotions, “Road Rage” in particular and using the remote control overrides; it would force a person to a “safe spot” and disable the car until they got a hold of themselves. Amazing stuff and you should check out both links to the Emotiv Epoch and the new Discovery Channel show. It never ceases to amaze me that with all the technology we have we can control a full sized automobile with our minds, but we can’t find a way to beat the flu ( or at the very least have it gone within a day). Perhaps we should deploy the brain trust at Microsoft, Cisco or Google. If they put technology guys in charge of this stuff we would get it done... We know how to do the impossible. Have a great weekend and I hope you feel better than I do!

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