Vista SP2 - More Upgrade Woes On The Horizon?

Microsoft is starting to release beta code for Windows Vista SP2 to testers as we speak. No news yet about new user features as Bluetooth 2.1 and VIA chipset support are expected. If you recall, Vista SP1 upgrades didn't go so smoothly. Seems like Apple iPhones and Windows Vista have something in common after all. Funny... I didn't see that highlighted in any recent "I'm a Mac" TV commercials.

So, are we in for another bumpy ride or has Microsoft cracked the code on successful service pack upgrades. One thing that's always bothered me about the Vista SP1 upgrades having so many problems. Given how frequently Vista is applying this patch and that, every time you turn on your PC, you'd think the service pack upgrades would simply be a roll up of the previous patching. Been-there-done-that sort of thing.

I recall having to wait until a new driver arrived for one a laptop I regularly use before Vista SP1 would be its presence on the laptop. I say that tongue-in-cheek because believe me, I much rather would wait for an upgrade rather than bombing out because of some known incompatibility problem that might shoot any end user productivity in the foot. Problems like these are the price you pay for having an open hardware platform supplied my many manufactures. At least Microsoft caught the condition and prevented updates that would crater machines, a lesson Apple still has to learn from its own iTunes / iPhone 2.0 software upgrades.

Its likely we'll hear more about Vista SP2 as the beta gets a bit further along. Maybe there will be a few end user goodies in SP2. Upgrades have issues. That's just a fact of life. Lets hope Microsoft is able to preemptively prevent upgrade problems like they did with Vista SP1.

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