The Laptop Drive of Shame, Part II

This was so much funnier when it happened to Brad ... and to John ... and to Tim ... and to all the others who have told me about their own bouts of forgetfulness since I wrote this post -- Doing the Laptop Drive of Shame -- back in July.

Now I discover that it's not as amusing, oddly enough, when you are the bleary-eyed driver speeding down the interstate and glance at an empty passenger seat where your laptop -- your one-and-only truly indispensible work tool -- should be the passenger.

My laptop was still at home.

My heart was in my throat.

And my car was about to be turned around for the first leg of The Laptop Drive of Shame.

I should have seen it coming, too. The morning had begun with the coffee maker crapping out. No caffeine at home, no laptop in the car. Coincidence? I think not. 

At least my co-workers enjoyed a good laugh.

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