Automise 2: Drag and drop automation

In times like these it becomes increasingly difficult to ask management to spend money on the extra manpower we would like to make our job easier. In lieu of a warm blooded carbon unit (sorry a little too much Sci-Fi this weekend), having a tool that can do the work of one, two or even three people really does make life easier. Trouble is that most times these solutions call for a lot of work in setting up scripts or configuring batch files to create this kind of automation. Many times these are slow and error prone as well.

Needleless to say that while they do bring relief (eventually), they cause much heartache before you get hem to a working state. And then many times we are limited in what a single script or batch file can do in way of automation. VSoft Technologies has solved the problem plaguing many Admins with their Automise software. Automise 2 (the latest release) allows you to create automated tasks for your Windows environment by using a simple drag and drop solution.

It was cool to see how easy I could automate a task and even troubleshoot a task that failed to automate. For those who need to report on what is getting done each day. Automise 2 has a comprehensive logging feature to help troubleshoot and see how tasks completed. Automise 2 comes with 380 built-in actions which allow you to not only create and automate a single task, but you can create workflows to automate entire processes for your IT department. To any IT Admin this would be an answered prayer (unless you like going through the tedious steps of re-starting a web server each night at 10:30 pm, rather than going home and relaxing). Using the built in actions Automise 2 will allow you to automate task such as:

  • Managing Active Directory
  • Managing databases using SQL or stored procedures
  • Creating and unpacking archive files (zip, rar, etc)
  • Converting PDF files
  • WMI management
  • Manage Windows Installer and MSI files
  • Managing IIS 5.0 & 6.0 operations
  • Burning CD’s/DVD’s
  • Automate the PStools suite
  • Automate File & Directory tasks
  • And much more (including automation for third party applications)

For a complete list of tasks that can be automated check out VSoft’s feature matrix , the feature matrix contains a list of actions for each feature you can automate within Windows. Automise 2 has a 30 day evaluation that can be downloaded here Automise 2. Automise is a great tool to help make your world “A Better (Automated) Windows World”.

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