Qik now available for BlackBerry

Qik, the live mobile video streaming service, is now supporting the BlackBerry platform (sorry iPhone folks, not quite yet). As of today, anyone with a Blackberry Curve, Pearl, Bold or Flip can start streaming video live from wherever they have an Edge or great network connection to their Qik accounts. Previously, the service has only been available for Symbian 40 and 60 series phones (mostly from Nokia), limiting the potential number of users. With today's news, the company greatly expands its potential user base, particularly in the enterprise space with field service workers and news gathering organizations. Qik co-founder Bhaskar Roy says news organizations can stream live video of a breaking news event before the satellite truck arrives on the scene. Qik has been a boon for citizen journalists looking to be able to do live video from where ever they happen to be. No need for an expensive camera and satellite uplink, just fire up Qik on the phone and start recording. Qik will stream live over the Web and record the event for later viewing as well. Users can also download the recorded files in Flash, 3GPP and MPEG-4 format. Best of all: it's free. Bhaskar says the company is looking at some revenue-generating services in 2009, such as SLAs for customers relying on the Qik for mission critical applications or deals with handset makers to include the service on their phones. Of course, the big question remaining is: When will Qik be available on the iPhone? Techically, it already is if you have jailbroken iPhone. But for those that want it legally through the iTunes App Store, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Bhaskar says the iPhone version is still undergoing internal testing for the device. In our conversation late last week, Bhaskar didn't put a timetable on when Qik would submit its application to Apple for consideration. So iPhones fans, keep waiting. BlackBerry fans should make sure they've got an all-you-can eat data plan before firing up Qik for any heavy duty streaming. You'll need the Blackberry Operating System 4.5 as well to run Qik.


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