vConverter: P2V conversion quick and easy!

Here's another great product that I learned about in TechMentor NYC. I wish I had it available to me at my last corporate position. Say you have a legacy piece of software that you would love to be rid of and never see again. But you can't because a client of yours is still running the software and so you need to find a way to keep it running in your environment.

Most of the time this means you simply keep an old PC around running that thing for what seems like forever. Virtualization helped to relieve us of this nightmare by allowing us to create virtual PCs and run the software (on its original platform). The problem is that most of the time it calls for a brand new build and installation of the OS and all software and/or a backup and restore strategy. There is a new way to do that very same thing in a single step, the technology is known as P2V. P2V is basically the process of taking a physical machine and turning it into a virtual machine. For my experiment with this process I used a product from Vizioncore called vConverter. What I loved best about vConverter is that not only does it perform the P2V conversion, it is also very fast, works on servers, desktops or laptops and supports multiple conversion platforms.

So if you are consolidating servers to a VMware platform you are covered. If in the same environment you want to convert PCs over to VirtualPC, done. Perhaps you want all your externally facing machines moved to the Xen platform, no problem. The versatility of this product is amazing; the speed of conversion is even more amazing. How fast can it convert a server? Vizioncore has a video example of a Server 2003 conversion click here, to see the single volume convert from P2V in under 3 minutes.

Now I am not one to believe the hype so I did my own test. I converted my old Dell XPS (P4 3.0 GHz, 2GB RAM, 200GB HD with two volumes (total 40GB’s of data) running Windows XP. I used my wireless G (54Mbps) connection and placed the virtual PC image on my new Dell XPS 420. It ran the conversion and copied the new GB VHD over the wireless in less than 15 minutes. That's an impressive conversion time.

Along with the speed and multiplatform support, vConverter supports V2V conversions and performs all conversions without disrupting the source machine. This makes vConverter a great solution for server consolidation or disaster recovery. You can download a 30-day trial at Vizioncore’s Web site. The vConverter trial VConverter is a great tool that no IT pro should go without. And it is one tool that will surely make your world… A Better Windows World!

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